Why pets make great BFFs

Household pets have proven over time to be superior in showing the true meaning of care, love, and loyalty. These noble animals often display a perfect understanding of devotion, trust, and compassion that you might not always find in people.  Because of these reasons and many more others, we agree that every child should have his or her own loyal pet. In case you are not convinced, here are some of the cutest photographic evidence which will surely change your mind!

Kid leaning on dog

Kids will surely have a shoulder back to lean on.


And a chin to sleep on.

And a chin to sleep on.


The kids will know their pets have their backs!

The kids will know their pet always have their back!


dog and kid

And their face too!


Cats and kid

Sweet moments are also best shared with fluffy friends.


Kitten Kisses

Sweet kitty kisses… And wouldn’t it be nice to have your first kiss with your first pet? 😛


Kitten hugs girl

They also get to be the big sister who shows genuine care and love for their little pets.


Boy hugs kitten

Or become that protective big brother.


Boy with puppies

By having pets, kids will never have to be alone. Talk about #squadgoals


Girl walking dog

You get to have an instant bodyguard when strolling.


Dog jumping at door to go outside

You’ll have someone to help you sneak out too.


Dog and Golden Retriever

Or even on days when you just want to relax in your PJs.

Still not convinced? How about these fun photos?

Dog and boy playing music

Pets can also be the best jamming buddies.

Girl with cat at door

They’re also up for some good times!


Dog and boy playing outside

And even more when it’s play time!


boy and cat napping

They make good pillows too.


Sleeping with the dog

Or a bed…


Baby and dog sleeping

Or a blanket.

By this time, we’re sure you’re ready to go out and adopt yourself or your kids a cuddly dog or cat that would not just make a good pet but even a great #bff.

baby and dog

Boy hugging Dog

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