Winter is Coming Better Dress Warm

The next season of Game of Thrones will be upon us soon.  That means “Winter is coming”, or perhaps it is already here…..   Do you know what comes with winter?  John Snow and most of the GoT characters say the dead come with it.  That might be true, who knows?  The writer of the TV show has been a little unpredictable, but if the pictures below are any indication, there may be a huge twist in the story line if these cute creatures have any say.  Regardless, one thing is for sure, everyone should unite and be prepared for a possible war between the living and the dead.  Have you had too much Game of Thrones?  Well then, take a break and enjoy perusing through these pics of cute animals bundled in their cozy winter wear.

Cats wrapped up

keeping warm

sweater cat

Sheep Dog

Sweater Cat

Tortoise Sweater

Bird Santa hat

Sweater Dog

Sweater Dog

Cat hats

Dog running with coat

Dog wearing jacket

Sweater Dog

Mini Horse Blankets

Ferret Sweaters

Chicken Sweaters

Penguin Sweaters

Chicken Sweater

Dog Sweater

Dog Sweater

Cat Jacket

Sheep Jacket

Sheep Jacket

Tortoise Jackets

Dog Winter Clothes

Dog Woof Hat

Dog Winter Jacket

Dog Jacket

Huge 4 years old Dogue De Borgeaux dressed with pink hat and grey scarf and sweater sitting on a snow attentivly looking fat into the distance

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