Dog in girly costume

Would you believe these Stylish Dogs were actually abandoned?

Are you looking for a pet to adopt? We’re sure you’re considering a lot of factors before getting that fluffy buddy in the pet store. Before doing so, photographer Tammy Swarek has one little favor. Take a look at these dogs dressed up in stylish outfits, and maybe you’ll be convinced to take one home.

Swarek dressed up these cute dogs to make them look even more adorable and help them find a human to take care of them.

Well if you’re tough and serious, this dog that is all suit-up might suit your personality too.

Dog in a suit

How about this cute little precious face dressed up in red Parisian outfit? And oh! Look at her Chapeau, too?

Dog in Parisian Outfit

If you’re laid back and hip, you’d like this cowboy dog in denim jacket and cowboy hat.

Cowboy Dog

or this cool little one?

Cool Dog

Female dogs are also up for adoption. Check out this little princess in the making.

Princess Dog

and another one in a fairy crown.

Dog in girly costume

This one-eyed fairy dog will surely need your love.

One eyed dog fairy

Swarek’s mission is to find homes for these abandoned dogs.

“I wanted somebody to see that picture of that dog, and have some type of connection with it that they wouldn’t ordinarily have just by seeing it shut in a cage,” she said.

So far, her mission is coming out a success. She told Barcroft TV how amazing the response is after releasing these photographs. There has been an increase in adoption applications.

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