Chewy playtime

You’ll Love This Huge Beast of Fluffiness

Ever seen an actual teddy bear you can hold and hug?  Meet Chewy the Chow!  He’s a one-year old chow from the Philippines who’s starting to break the internet with his humongous cuteness.  He has just over 10k followers on Instagram but his page is growing fast.

If you saw this bear dog, you couldn’t help but give him a hug!  Look at his nanny who still carries him even when he’s that big.

You surely can’t resist his cuteness and fluffiness just by looking at his photos.  Check out his fun adorable adventures below.

baby photo chewy

“This is me when I was still a baby! Yes! I’m always that big.”

Chewy bear family

“Hmmmm… Are they my real family?”

chewy busy

“Don’t disturb! I’m seriously working on something.”

chewy chilling

“Finally! It’s weekend! I need to chill!”

chewy garden time

“I was just helping my human trim those plants.”

Chewy going on a foodtrip

“Wow! I love this place. Time for some food trip!”

chewy motocross outfit

“I’m ready for my motorcycle ride! “

Chewy playtime

“Weeee! I love hanging out in the park! Unlimited playtime for me!”

chewy ready for beach time

“Can’t wait for some beach time!”

Chewy rocker dog

“How do you like my rocker outfit? I feel sexy!”

chewy slumber party

“I think I’m sleeping at my sister’s bed tonight!”

Chewy the King

“Hi, I’m Chewy! The King of Fluffiness!”

chewy vet time

“Please nanny. I’m scared of the vet!”

cutie chewy

“Stop staring at my butt!”

happy bday chewy

“It’s my happy birthday today!!!”

Hello Chewy

“Going out for a walk!”

tabachewy learning how to drive

“So, where would you want to go?”

Why are you staring at me

“Yes? Why are you staring at me?”

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