This Cat Says Hai Yah

You’ll Be Amazed With These Purrfect Karate Cats Photos

Hisakata Hiroyuki, an amazing and talented Japanese photographer, specializes in capturing cats in action. We’re not talking about simple cat moves, but amazing martial arts action. Hiroyuki has dedicated a portion of his time shooting cats that show serious combat combinations and the result will leave us all in awe.

From tai-chi and yoga body stretching to real explosive kicks on air, Hiroyuki captured it all. His collection of shots just prove how good these lovely felines are in fighting techniques. Any martial arts master could learn a thing or two from their purr-fect moves. Check out some of these Karate Kittens below.

zigzag tail

That zigzag tail looks cute!

who's gonna fight me

“Who’s gonna fight me???”

who stole my hammock

“I was just in my hammock a while ago. Where did it go?”

throw catch

“C’mon! Throw that ball and I’m gonna catch it!”

This Cat Says Hai Yah

This cat says Hai-Yah!!!


Doing some sunset stretching.

street cat fighter

A perfect shot of a great street cat fighter.

spinning roundhouse

This cat is doing the spinning roundhouse.

so this is how you do it

“Ladies, so this is how you walk on your first date.”

so chill and calm

When you’re falling down but want to remain chill and calm.

sensei teaching

Sensei teaching some moves.

scissor kick on point

This scissor kick is on point.


Now that’s a fierce cat!

let it go

I can hear the background music … “Let it goooo… let it goooo…”

kitty mantis

The Kitty-Mantis!

invisible skates

Doing some exhibition with her invisible skates.

i stepped on something

“Ooops… I think I stepped on something.”

how you catch a flying fish

Can someone photoshop a flying fish on this cat’s hand?

flying lesson

Bottom Cat: Where the hell is she? I swear she said we’ll meet at this place.

flying kick

Literally a flying kick from this cat!

even ninjas stop and smell the flowers

Even ninjas stop and smell the flowers.

dramatic move

This is how I look like when Bae walks away.


Dancing With The Shadows

contemporary jazz

How cute is this shot where two cats are doing a Contemporary Jazz? Can you see the Jazz hands?

circque de soleil should have this move

Does Cirque Du Soleil have this move?

Seriously, this shot could pass as a poster for “Catvenger: The Civil Purr.”


This kitten full of spirit is introducing the “CAT-poeira.”

cat ready to attack

Claws ready to attack!

cat practicing the fusion technique

Look at this cat practicing the fusion technique.

cat doing thriller dance

” ‘Cause this is thriller…thriller night!”

black panther hiding in style

This, gentlemen, is a black panther hiding in style.

avoiding the bullet

It seems like this cat is avoiding a gunshot.

90 degree angle tail

How did his tail form a perfect 90 degree?


Everybody should have this cat’s focus and determination.

cat gang

Just some cats ready for a gang fight.

cat doing taichi

His Tai Chi move is perfect.

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