You’ve Got to Love Cody The Lab

There is nothing better than beating the summer heat with a quick dip in the pool.  Cody, the Labrador shows us just how to do that.  The 3-year old Pennsylvanian dog can do lots of tricks in the pool.  He can jump off a diving board on command.  It was even cuter when he didn’t realize he could do it until he did.

Cody jumps off the board

His owner said in their Youtube page: “My dog loves our pool so much that he learned too many tricks to do with it including this.”

This smart dog is a real swimmer too.  He can even switch from the usual doggy paddle to a human-like walk on his hind legs.  When he discovered this new found skill, he started strolling around the water.

Cody is a certified pool-loving pup.

Here he tries to dive underwater.

then, retrieve a toy.

He’s obviously an active Labrador.  But sometimes, he just wants to keep calm and enjoy the view of the pool.

Cody calms down
Check out more of his adventures on his Instagram.

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